Leisurely I Author: Sha Ye

"Hahahahahahaha, ignorant people who eat melons, let the shy girl tell you that this is the overbearing vice president in the pet!"! Wife! Ah "I cry!"! Screenshot taken. Is this a real official stamp? Rich people are so nice. Someone bullied you and didn't let


"It's fun." The sound of blue and white floated down. That's all for today-if you're still alive, play with me next time! There was laughter in the air, and soon she was gone. Hateful Feng Rui roared into the sky and started to chase, but a red figure appeared behind him. Don't chase. Huo Hong turned into a man they knew well, Jiang Fan. Boss! Jane, he. When Feng Rui saw Jiang Fan, he felt saved for the first time. He pulled Jiang Fan's coat and couldn't wait to tell him what had just happened. Jiang Fan picked up Shuzhen, who was still red-faced, from the water, touched his forehead and said softly, "It's all right." "Mmm." Shuzhen smiled happily, and he snuggled in Jiang Fan's arms and slowly closed his eyes. At the moment, Xiao Wei and Jiang Wei also leaned over to see the situation of Shu Zhen. In fact, the situation was already very bad. Shuzhen's face turned from red to pale when he fell asleep. Her body became colder and colder, and her spiritual power kept passing away. What's going on? What's wrong with Shuzhen? Feng Rui looked at Xiao Wei and everyone with a bad face and felt that Shuzhen was in danger this time. Don't worry Jiang Fan said that at the same time he was thinking about one thing. Ture Feng Rui asked. Don't lie to me. Is he seriously ill? In fact, it is an ancient curse, which puts the resentment of the dead into the human body. In ancient times, there was almost no cure, and people would be tortured by the spirit of resentment until the moment of death. Legend has it that Shennong also died of this curse. But for now, it's not that there's no way out, and now they have a specific medicine here. Jiang Fan looked at Yiran, "please." Jiang Fan said. He was suddenly so polite and serious that he couldn't get used to it. In fact,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, they had arrived a long time ago, but Jiang Fan did not enter the battle situation. Blue and white is very powerful. Yiran said he felt that if they were serious, the children might be in danger. No way ah, "Jiang Fan helpless," nine tails to see me will be more excited. She's really going to kill herself. "Ah, what is your relationship with her?" He asked, frowning leisurely. Heaven and earth, conscience, I have nothing to do with her! Jiang Fan answered. Then why is she looking for you? Leisurely doesn't believe it at all. I don't know. "Really?" Jiang Fan thought for a long time. "Actually, I always thought she looked familiar-I thought she looked like my father's girlfriend, but the breath was different.". Ah, do you think she could be my sister? Angry at me because I didn't know she existed? "You can really find a piece of tofu to hit." And now this situation, Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale ,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, the entire waiting room was first cut several holes by the wind blade, and then cut into pieces by the water silk, becoming fragmented, the sky is still under a thin rain, tens of thousands of people outside the waiting room witnessed these exaggerated images stunned. But all this is not over, Shuzhen's curse has not been removed. The leisurely hand turned into a silver sword, holding the sharp blade in his hand, took a breath and let his hand slide on the edge. Red blood clings to the silver sword. Hold on. Leisurely licked the mouth of his palm, in front of them are rapidly healing. Regardless of these, leisurely raised the sword is to hold Shuzhen Jiang Fan cut! "Ah!" Feng Rui exclaimed, but only saw the silver sword decisively penetrated Shuzhen and Jiang Fan's body, cutting the black material away from Shuzhen's body! Then, leisurely draw out a spell, seal the black spirit of resentment among them, but let Jiang Fan burn and purify. Everything is neat and neat, not sloppy at all. Then leisurely looked at Shuzhen in Jiang Fan's arms, his breathing gradually returned to calm, his expression became soft, there was no big problem, the rest of Shuzhen had a good sleep, natural recovery of spiritual and physical strength can be. Jiang Fan breathed a sigh of relief at the moment. He bowed his head and said to the leisurely man who was still on one side: "Thanks for your hard work." His voice was slightly low and hoarse, and it seemed that he was far more worried than he showed. My brother is always sharp-tongued and tender-hearted. Someone's words suddenly sounded in my mind, and I couldn't help chuckling. And looking at the leisurely, Jiang Fanxin moved slightly, "leisurely." He called to him. "Huh?" Was called back to God leisurely and strange look up, but is good on the lips of Jiang Fan's imprint. My mind was blank, and everything around me was quiet. Apart from Shuzhen in the coma and Jiang Fan who did not care about the smile, almost everyone had seen the purple breath around the leisurely body. You impenitent fellow — — Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, which has been destroyed, is now facing another serious re-trauma! Chapter 39 Later, relax in the hotel's spacious marble jacuzzi and relax your overworked body. At the thought of the day when he was still very angry, his first kiss (in fact, all aspects are not …) His "pure and pure" body was defiled by that bastard man! The bastard even took Shuzhen in a coma as a shield, which made the hammer stop in the air, and then Xiaowei and Jiang Wei jointly trapped the leisurely in the rage, and Jiang Wei's ability to seal the demon could hardly seal the rage of the leisurely. Ah, how innocent! Feng Rui said. Who is innocent? Yiran also vented his anger on him. I was just'chirped 'by the boss. Do you need to be so excited? Feng Rui said. As soon as the leisurely heart tightens,Glass Cosmestic Containers, the feeling that the gas can not come out makes him more depressed. Originally everyone thought that things could finally calm down, Jiang Fan also felt when Feng Rui became so sensible and moved to cry, Feng Rui then added another sentence: "The boss has been to a lot of people. It's no big deal!" 。 penghuangbottle.com