Move the universe with force

In the faint voice of Moro,Horse weight lbs, there is an awe-inspiring intention to kill. The face seal is the life of the ancient Fu Zu. If it is unlocked, the Demons will inevitably invade wantonly. When the time comes, the world will face a terrible disaster.


When Tang Xinlian saw that they were going to attack Lin, her beautiful eyes suddenly froze, and with a cold drink, the Phoenix under her feet wanted to roar out. Hey, you'd better stay here. The space ahead was distorted, two dark shadows flashed out, and the evil spirit rose, not only blocking the Phoenix back, but even the Red Cloud Elder beside Tang Xinlian was hard to get away. Seeing the two demons blocking her, Tang Xinlian's pretty face changed and her eyes turned down hurriedly, only to see a black light, which had already appeared in front of the forest below. Master! Seeing this, Tang Xinlian hurriedly shouted. But in the face of her shouts, Moro did not move. His eyes were fixed on the Hades who stood up in the distance. In the face of an opponent of this level, even he dared not neglect at all. Whoosh! The space in front of Lin Dong was distorted, and the strange demon wrapped in the towering black gas would flash out. He took an indifferent look at the former, and then clapped it directly. Although I don't know what you have to pay attention to, but since the adults said, then take your life. Purr! As soon as this strange demon will make a move, Lin moves all over the earth to collapse, even the space is distorted, blocking all his retreat. With his present state, facing a super strong man comparable to the wheel, he has no resistance at all! Lin Dong looked up at the black light that was rapidly magnified in his eyes,Surveyors tape measure, and immediately he gritted his teeth and closed his eyes slightly. However, just as his eyes were about to close completely, a bright blue light suddenly flashed up, and immediately the familiar sound of the dragon's singing, like a shock to heaven and earth, resounded through. Boom! Lin moved the space behind the instant rupture, a blue dragon giant palm directly through the hole, and then mercilessly blasted on the body of the demon, a terrible force swept away,Pi tape measure, the strength to reach the wheel of the demon, unexpectedly directly under this palm, inverted tens of thousands of feet, all the buildings along the way, are touched by him, into a piece of powder.. Countless people lost their voices in horror. Lin Dong also looked at this scene in astonishment, and immediately he suddenly slanted his head, only to see that in the broken space behind him, the blue light emerged, a tall figure walked out slowly, and the clear laughter of banter echoed between heaven and earth. The man chosen by my Green Pheasant. How can you be killed casually? Chapter one thousand and twenty-four green pheasants reappear Blue light filled the air, the tall figure dressed in a green shirt, is stopped beside the forest, countless eyes looked past, the man looks quite handsome, black hair in the breeze blowing under the swing, Adhesive fish ruler ,Fiberglass tape measure, appears to be very clear out of the dust. Countless people in the city looked at the beautiful man in the green shirt, but in their eyes there was a shock and horror that could not be concealed, and the source of this horror was naturally the deep gully ahead and a dark shadow at the end of the gully. From the body of the so-called demon general, everyone is able to sense a rather horrible breath, which is comparable to the super strong in the wheel, however. Has such a terrible strength of the strong, but is this green shirt man at will a palm clap fly ten thousand feet. How appalling is this strength? "Samsara.." Some strong people looked at each other, and immediately a voice with a little trembling and dryness came out of their mouths, which could force the strong people to be like this. Who else could do it except the peak strong people who stepped into the reincarnation? It takes great courage just to say these three simple words. Between heaven and earth, as long as you reach the strength of the wheel, it is enough to become a giant overlord, and as for the next level of reincarnation, it is almost the peak between heaven and earth, such a powerful existence, in many people's hearts, is almost like a God. But now.. Here, they saw with their own eyes the appearance of such a horrible existence, and the shock was naturally indescribable. Elder Green Pheasant. Lin Dong also looked at the man in the green shirt beside him in a daze, and immediately there was a surprise in his eyes. "Oh, little guy, long time no see." The Green Pheasant looked at Lin Dong and smiled. He immediately took a look at Hua Chen and Xu Xiu, who were seriously injured not far away. He said with a smile, "You did a good job. Thanks to you, the plan came true." Lin moved to hear this comment, but a little embarrassed, he knew that everything happened here, I am afraid they have long been known by the green pheasant. Green pheasant see Lin move this appearance, face expression is also more gentle, and its eyes, is also a touch of appreciation, when the first time to see Lin move, the latter is just a young man who has just come out of the low Dynasty, but in this short two or three years, the young man who has grown up gradually, is becoming strong and dazzling at an alarming rate. It seems that his eyes on people have not weakened. Boom! In the ruins in the distance, the black fog suddenly rushed out, shaking the surrounding boulders into powder, and then the demon who was covered with black fog got up in a mess, staring at the green pheasant with a pair of sinister eyes, but in that eye, there was a fear that could not be concealed. The Green Pheasant took one look at him, then looked up and gazed at the king of the underworld in the sky, who was confronting Moro, and said lightly, "The king of the underworld.." I've heard of your name. "Oh, Green Dragon King Green Pheasant." I didn't think you were dead. In the sky, that day the keeper's line of sight is also condensed on the green pheasant body, a pair of purple pupil slightly squint, way. Thanks to you, I am lucky to enter the realm of reincarnation. Green pheasant laughed. A reincarnation, a Zu Fu controller, it seems that you have planned this time very carefully. The king of the underworld smiled faintly. You have been lurking between heaven and earth for so many years, and it's time for you to emerge. This place doesn't belong to you. Moro said in a deep voice. We want to get out of here too. Why don't you help us break the seal on that face? "Hades smiled and pondered." Instead of this.. Then let's destroy all of you demons. In the faint voice of Moro,Horse weight lbs, there is an awe-inspiring intention to kill. The face seal is the life of the ancient Fu Zu. If it is unlocked, the Demons will inevitably invade wantonly. When the time comes, the world will face a terrible disaster.