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To speak of the Longines Dolce Vita model is to refer to one of the most traditional classic collections of luxury watchmaking. This unisex watch keeps the Art Deco style and design, so often used as the basis for luxury watches, but with its own touch, which ensures that it never goes out of style.

Another advantage of the Longines Dolce Vita collection is its unisex character. Most of the pieces are designed for all types of wrists, their style adapts to both men and women, offering watches in different materials and designs, although always keeping in mind the basic style of the collection.

Longines Dolce Vita, an unmistakable style

There are many barrel-shaped luxury watches, this is how we know rectangular cases, this type of watch is discreet, but at the same time it proposes an idea that goes beyond traditional round cases. Dolce Vita bases most of its pieces on a design of this type, with cases that, in its most exclusive models, incorporate jewels on the bezel.

Longines offers watches in both leather and steel, with Roman numerals on most of its pieces.

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Its size is one of the reasons why it is perfect for both men and women, these are discreet, medium-sized and very comfortable watches.

Due to its design, the Dolce Vita is suitable both for a special event, in which we want to wear a luxury piece, and for daily use, for those looking for a distinguished watch for regular use.

Finally, Longines works tirelessly on this collection, which has become one of the most popular of the brand, which is why there are currently dozens of different models, with variations that allow you to have a practically personalized watch.

These are the general characteristics of the Longines Dolce Vita watch, although it is difficult to speak of a homogeneous design in a collection that offers so many variants.

Movements and complications

Longines Dolce Vita offer different mechanisms depending on the model. One of the most precise movements that they incorporate is the L 178. This movement is powered by quartz, which allows this type of watch to be absolutely precise. In addition, the construction of this movement is impeccable, allowing all watches that incorporate the L 178 remain very stable over the years.

Another of the movements that you can find in this collection is the L 176, designed for slightly lighter watches, but also looking for maximum precision.

Generally speaking, Longines applies different movements, mostly quartz, to Dolce Vita watches, but all of them have been specially developed to fit this type of watch.

As for the complications, it is a very simple, clean design whose objective is to prioritize legibility. Therefore, the two complications that are usually incorporated are the separate dial for the seconds hand and the window to display the date.

In the case of the date, not all models incorporate this marker, therefore, in many cases the dial only shows the hands relative to the hour, without further complications.

Longines, the confidence of a leading Watch Manufacturing Industry

The origin of Longines dates back to the year 1832, therefore, we are talking about a century-old manufacture, a watchmaking brand whose roots go back to the beginning of the 19th century.

Throughout this time they have become established in more than 150 countries, being one of the best-known Swiss Luxury Watches Manufacturer in the world. It is true that Longines does not compete directly with other manufacturers such as Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Hublot, etc., but precisely for this reason, Longines offers exceptionally crafted watches at a very reasonable price.

Many of the Longines models are quartz. It is true that the essence of watchmaking is in mechanical watches, whose only driving force is the movement or the winding, but luxury quartz watches allow us to have an exact piece in terms of its movement, preventing the hands from becoming misaligned or damaged. variations.

One of the most curious aspects of Longines, and that demonstrates its work philosophy, is that it has been registering each of the serial numbers of all its parts for a long time, this means that even a watch of a certain age has its own record in the Longines archive, and therefore its origin, its characteristics and the complete manufacturing process of the piece can be known with complete certainty.

The Longines collections and the Dolce Vita models

Longines currently offers some 20 different collections, framed in 5 major lines of watches. The Elegance collection is the one that offers the most classic and pure lines, free of complex complications, but totally reliable. It is in the Elegance collection that we find Dolce Vita watches.

Classic is the collection that keeps the Longines tradition. Round cases and stronger watches, with the perfect classic touch.

Watchmaking Tradition is the collection in which Longines pours all of its experience, a line of watches based on grand complications, suitable for true lifelong watchmaking lovers.

Longines Sports demonstrates the expertise of this manufacturer when it comes to creating lightweight, adaptable watches suitable for those looking for pieces that deviate from classic designs.

Finally, the Heritage collection has vintage watches, with the most traditional design of the watch industry.

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