Do you believe the news and rumors about Madden 21 circulating on the Internet?

First, judging from the Madden 21 trailer that has been released, the Madden series that has been running for more than ten years may usher in a change in gameplay in 2020.


Although the official release date of Madden 21 is still a few months away, players, game media and even NFL athletes are very concerned about the game. As the developer EA Sports continued to promote on the official website and major media, the game also continued to attract more and more players to join. Want to know some news and rumors related to Madden 21? Continue reading this article, you will know more details.

First, judging from the Madden 21 trailer that has been released, the Madden series that has been running for more than ten years may usher in a change in gameplay in 2020. Some problems inherent in the Madden series of games will be solved, and the solution provided by the developer is to provide players with realistic open field tackling. Many players expressed support for this because almost everyone has experienced unrealistic failures in Madden 20. All along, the players in the Madden series of games often have failures that are unacceptable to Madden 21 Coins players when they collide or block during the game. This problem is expected to be completely resolved in Madden 21. Not only that, the developers also added a lot of new and fashionable celebration actions in the game. As long as the player successfully touches the touchpad and correctly controls the handle, he can display specific celebration actions.

There are something we should talk about "Madden Curse". This year's cover star is Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson. Why is that important? Being the face of Madden may not actually be a dream scenario for a player thanks to the so-called 'Madden Curse' which has seen previous cover stars struck with a loss of form or injury. It's became such a curiosity that it had been reported in 2010 that EA was even considering making a movie supported the phenomenon.

However, previous Maddens are said to own broken the curse (Madden 20's Patrick Mahomes won Superbowl LIV although he did get injured earlier within the season) and Jackson has said he isn't bothered by it. because the NFL season hasn't started yet all eyes are going to be on the Ravens to determine if the curse strikes again…

With regard to the 99 clubs in the Madden series, there will be some changes this year. At present, EA is gradually revealing the ratings of active NFL athletes in Madden 21. Because the game does not fully reflect reality, there will be situations where some players' ratings are overestimated or underestimated. In the game, the highest score of the player is 99. Only true elite athletes can get such a rating, and players call this group of players 99 clubs. The 99 clubs in Madden 21 include Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Donald, Stephon Gilmore and Christian McCaffrey, while the DeAndre Hopkins, Bobby Wagner and Khalil Mack of the 99 elite clubs in Madden 20 who had previously been in Madden 20 have to reduce their scores due to various reasons, so they have to drop out. Although Madden 21's cover star Lamar Jackson did not reach 99, he was already very satisfied. Jackson said that at least he performed better in Madden 21 than in Madden 20. This is a good start, and he can continue to work hard in the future. MMOSPT is an online store engaged in third-party game services. After Madden 21 is officially released, it will begin to provide services to players. I highly recommend you to buy the most important currency in the game, Madden 21 Coins, at MMOSPT. Not only can you Buy MUT 21 Coins there, you can also consult online customer service at any time.